Frank Alper

Frank Alper was a much loved spiritual pioneer, teacher and author. Frank had a direct connection with his Soul (Adamis) and in the latter half of his life made it his mission to help reconnect others with a full integration of their personality and soul.  

Frank is is known by many for his channellings, teachings and trilogy of books on Exploring Atlantis which we are very pleased has become available once more. 
However he also founded Energenetics®, a technique to alter cells in the brainstem to clear and prevent mental, emotional and physical patterns as well as ancestral and genetic imprints. Today his unique methods of healing and counselling continue to spread globally and are being used by doctors, therapists and light workers all over the planet today.

Katharina Alper is now the main custodian of Franks spiritual legacy and continues to promote his spiritual work through Adamis International.
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