Atlantean Chants by Frank Alper

Brief background and advice for optimum benefit 

Katharina Alper gives the following background and advice about the chants:

' Frank Alper channelled the Atlantean Chants in 1981 during his weekly evening sessions and in 1995 Frank recorded the Chants with a choir in Germany.

Each sound has a different and specific purpose for spiritual growth as well as for physical matters. Whatever the reason or purpose that these Altantean Chants are used, they will help to elevate the person’s vibration to the quality and pitch that was experienced during the time in Atlantis. The 22 Chants are strongly related to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which is the basis of Blue Marsden’s development of this work with “Soul Plan” Numerology. 

Therefore, the tones pronounced will seem similar to the pronunciation of the letters from the ancient Hebrew alphabet, which are indeed a derivative of vocal vibrations that were utilized in the early Atlantean days. 

It is important either to chant them, or to play them in quite a loud manner to receive the full benefit of the vibrations.' 
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