About the Teachers

Blue Marsden MA is a Hay House Author and the founder of Holistic Healing College who holds degrees in both Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.
Since a teenager Blue has studied Eastern Philosophy and Jewish Mysticism. After many years of working with various spiritual systems including the Enneagram, I Ching and Chinese Astrology he came across a little known method which analyses the vibrations of a person's full birth name. This method which combines the late Frank Alpers gematria with ancient Kaballah numerology resonated more than any other. 

After some years experimenting and successfully incorporating this into his own psychotherapy practise, in 2003 Blue introduced it as a module on the Counselling program at Holistic Healing College. Over the years he has researched the mystical origins of this system and discovered synchronicities with his own non dual understanding. Subsequently he has modernised the method for current times, added new interpretations from his own practise and teaching and channelled additional material and healing interventions to form what is now known as the Soul Plan system. He continues to work alongside Katharina Alper helping to extend the legacy of Frank Alper.

Anita D Marshall Spiritual Counselling Dip. Hypnotherapy Dip. Life Coach Cert. is qualified in a variety of healing disciplines including reflexology and Ayurveda which she studied whilst living in India. 

Over the years Anita has specialised in work that supports children and adults with special needs and mental health issues. 
Nowadays she runs a busy practise in Hertfordshire where she offers Soul Plan Reading, Counselling and Ayurveda. Anita is also a prominent speaker at mind, body, spirit events and runs many workshops and a regular meditation group.

Sarah Lermit Spiritual Counselling Dip. is a trained holistic counsellor, Advanced Soul Plan Reader and psychic channeller with over 13 years’ experience in energy management and soul purpose work. The first part of her life journey involved working as an actress and theatrical agent before she later trained as a conventional counsellor and also worked in administration in psychotherapy training institutes.

Over the years Sarah has trained extensively in psychic development, reiki and channelling to an advanced level. She is now dedicated in helping guide people to remember who they truly are so that they may reconnect with their true self and soul purpose. Currently she runs a holistic counselling practice in both West London and South Buckinghamshire.

Camiel is a spiritual author who was born in Taiwan and educated in England. She is directly trained by Blue Marsden as the first Soul Plan Teacher providing courses in the Mandarin language.
Being the founder of 'Spiritual Bathhouse Institute' (Taiwan) and 'Kabbalah Angel Healing Therapy', Camiel has a totally refreshing approach to spiritual teaching and gives inspiring and practical advice for increasing self awareness, expanding consciousness and tapping into an empowering Soul journey. Now a Soul Transformation Therapy Practitioner she has also specialised in various types of energy healing modalities using crystals, sound and plant remedies. With the natural ability to communicate with angels from a young age, in more recent years she has authored and had published 'The First Angel Book' and 'Goddess Within: Embrace Your Feminine Energy', as well as a number of oracle decks which have earned her a reputation as a leading spiritual pioneer in Taiwan.


Margaret Miller (1938-2016) Soul Plan Teacher Life Acknowledgement
Margaret first became involved in healing in her forties and joined the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in 1982. She later (jointly) ran the London region of the NFSH and also represented them as member on the Confederation of Healing Organisation’s board with responsibility for the co-ordination of Research Projects.

In her fifties Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer but was fortunate to meet the Beijing Qigong Master Zhixing Wang who instructed her in healing Qigong which she practised sometimes up to 4 hours a day. Twenty five  years later and in her seventh decade she was still spreading healing and inspiration as a gifted Qigong and Soul Plan teacher. through her powerful Soul Plan readings she helped to transform many lives and connect many with their path.
Her love and presence is still felt guiding and supporting the Soul Plan community to this day.

Roger Hanson Spiritual Counselling Dip. Life Coach Cert. originally from the states, began his work as a Counsellor in 1990 and in the mid 90s undertook specialist training to work with families. Following this early work in conventional counselling Roger then pursued a career in acting and singing (appearing in New York musicals). During this time he also gained experienced of the corporate world where he became a senior manager. 

When his work took him to the UK the spiritual direction took over and he undertook our Spiritual Counselling Diploma whilst simultaneously developing his Psychic Art and composing healing music (Musically Mantric Mandalas CD). Roger now works as a full time Spiritual Counsellor and Psychic Artist as well as speaking at mind, body spirit events and in the media. 

Marysia Biniasz  has spent her whole life studying esoteric and spiritual knowledge and practices. She has an MA degree in Law, speaks Polish (mother tongue) and English fluently and can teach using both languages. She is a Vedic Art teacher, Holistic therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Soul Plan Practitioner and now Teacher. 
Marysia loves to empower others on their way to find their strength and passion to live a better, joyful life. She teaches the first Soul Plan trainings in Polish.

Mayella Reynolds is a Soul Plan teacher and practitioner and has been a personal coach since 1990. She is also a qualified masseuse, reflexologist, Advanced ThetaHealing® teacher and Reiki practitioner who has extensive experience running personal development seminars as well as coaching women in business start-ups for a London government organisation.

Mayella loves to inspire others and enjoys supporting people to step outside their comfort zones. She also likes to push her own limits, having sailed in a 39 foot junk-rigged yacht from the UK to India with four other people.

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